El Paso De Robles California Restaurants

Here's what you can do in this ultra-cosy wine country, which boasts Michelin-starred chefs, top wines and some of the friendliest people you'll meet. It offers the best conditions for top wines, is located in a city, has one of the best landscapes you have ever seen and is a must - for wine connoisseurs and wine novices alike.

Paso de Robles houses more than 200 wineries, and you really have a choice of styles, varieties, sets and more. There is no presumption here; the feeling of Paso Roble wine country is a sense of community. The winemakers will tell you where to go and what wines to try, but not alone. Paso's idiosyncratic spirit has been incorporated into everything you do and everything you create, which conveys a real taste for paso.

There is plenty of wine for celiac disease or gluten intolerance, and the menu offers as many options as there are for people with gluten-free diets or other dietary restrictions, such as vegetarians.

For starters, make sure you order the spicy pan-fried corn bread and bone marrow, but don't miss the Niner Winery restaurant, which offers some of the best food I've eaten in any restaurant. It is only open for dinner, so reservations are highly recommended and only available for a limited time.

In the low dining room, the restaurant is adjacent to an outdoor terrace where you can sit back and watch the traffic. Somm's Kitchen is a good choice, as you can see how your meal is prepared at the chef's counter. If you fancy classic French cuisine, head to the Brasserie BL by chef Laurent Grangien, which often serves fresh fish specialities. Japanese delicacies, you can indulge yourself with a selection of dishes such as sushi, sushi rolls and even a sushi bar.

Taste Alley is rated as one of the best wine bars in the country as it has a busy brewery and is located in the heart of the city centre, within walking distance of each other. Order a bottle of Taste Alley in the glass while you have a fantastic dish, which makes drinking wine while looking over the water all the better. You can also order in the tasting room, enjoying a glass of wine and a selection of fantastic dishes while sipping the wine without looking at water.

Fish and gaucho are Paso Robles's spirited hot spot, so make sure you get a table at this table, but don't eat it. Agua frescas are the norm, although if you like margaritas (which you are), you'll find a wide range of flavours, including charred jalapenos, pineapple, pomegranate and sage. Customers "favourites include Florentine breakfast pizzas and veggie tacos, which can be combined with a flight of their own.

Most wines are very Rhone-inspired, with a strong emphasis on Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah. The owner and winemaker Stephan Asseo has been producing wines in Paso Robles since 1996, which he produced in his own winery at the end of the 1990s. He was also in charge of PasoRobles in 1996 and has also behaved himself during his stay. The focus is certainly on wine making in El Paso de Roble, but some of them are truly stunning.

Jeffry has custom-made dry grinds for all his meat and is made from scratch, as well as his own cheese, wine and other things. Most dishes are oven-cooked, giving them a smoky flavour that goes well with bourbon and whiskey - heavy cocktail menu.

The menu also includes macaroni and cheese, which have won several awards at the Avila Beach Mac- and Cheese Festival. For dessert, a selection of cheeses, pastries, cakes, cakes, ice cream and more are offered. Daily specialties range from roast chicken on Monday to lamb on Thursday and there's even a veggie pie - layered meat pie on Friday and Saturday.

For an intimate wine bar experience, there's nothing better than the 14-seat restaurant, which serves a European-inspired tasting menu with delicious tapas to accompany the great dishes and wines. Buona Tavola Il Cortile is Italian and the restaurant has a full service bar, wine cellar and private dining room, located on the second floor of the building, just next to the main entrance to the bar.

Guests can meet at the U-shaped counter of the restaurant and enjoy hot and cold plates ranging from lobster and sausages, accompanied by more than 100 international wines from the region, including many varieties from the Central Coast. Enjoy modern Mexican cuisine, including baked lobster tail enchiladas and artisanal cheese, tacos, quesadillas and more.

For a real taste of California's richness, visit Paso Robles' Thomas Hill Organics, which showcases the region's fresh cuisine in an innovative way. For those who crave classic and inventive California cuisine, Thomas Hill Organics Farmstead offers a rotating seasonal menu that is not to be missed.

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More About El Paso de Robles